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Hello from Public Lab's new Research Coordinator

by bhamster | June 12, 2020 16:53 12 Jun 16:53 | #23830 | #23830

Hello Public Lab community!

My name is Jeanette and I recently joined the Public Lab non-profit team as the Research Coordinator. I'm excited for the opportunity to meet, learn from, and work together with you all in this community.

Before coming to Public Lab, I spent time researching and writing about hagfish slime, lobster swimming, and robot fish. Over time I realized that my favorite part of science is sharing it. So, I'm here at Public Lab to help update and expand topics pages, connect with new community members, and support you all in this work.

Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment if you have any questions or would like to say 'hello'!


Welcome @bhamster! Absolutely great to have you on the team.

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Welcome Jeanette! Sounds like you have been up to some pretty fabulous things, looking forward to working with you on buckets and other projects!

Thanks so much, @kgradow1, likewise!

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Hello fellow slime enthusiast! here's a coating of ectoprocta from my fisheries sampling days

@eustatic Ha, the start of a new colony :) So glad to hear from another slimologist, thanks for saying hello!

@eustatic that photo :D . You are beaming and absolutely covered in slime

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