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Addressing the Health Impacts of Petrochemical Production

by A_SCH , kgradow1 | November 08, 2020 18:29 08 Nov 18:29 | #24955 | #24955

When it comes to environmental campaigns, the more communities are informed about what they are being exposed to, the better they are able to then advocate for reform. As a result, it's important to learn both how to identify what you are smelling, as well as what the potential health effects are. In the following links Public Lab has complied a list of resources from SDCEA's Toxic City Booklet that quickly lays out the odors associated with common refinery chemicals as well as a comprehensive list of the chemicals and health effects of each polluting industry.

Additionally, when looking at this issue of the serious health impacts resulting from emitted chemicals, it's important to keep in mind the communities surrounding the polluters that are disproportionally effected. To learn more go on a "Toxic Tour" of South Durban to hear about the major polluters of South Durban, South Africa and the communities affected.


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