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Video Tutorials for using Public Lab tools and accessories.

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Here you will find links to video tutorials meant to help with various PublicLab tools. Each section will cover a different tool or web site. Tutorials for using our web sites can be found here as well because our web sites are tools!

Videos should be linked rather than embedded. This will help users using limited mobile broadband connections and keep the clutter down.

Although not a tutorial, feel free to check out the PublicLab overview video:

Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
    1. Writing Notes and Wikis
    2. Tagging
  3. MapKnitter
    1. Running the web server locally
  4. SpectralWorkbench
    1. Spectroscope

Popup tour of

Writing Notes and Wikis



@btbonval and @liz are working diligently on this concept.


Running the web server locally

This video is scoped for developers, but anyone should be welcome to watch, participate, and offer feedback!

Spectral Workbench


This video introduces the PublicLab spectroscope and spectral workbench software.