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Thermal Fishing Bob Barnraising!!

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We worked on a version of thermal fishing bob described here:


We found there were problems with the circuit diagram shown in this wiki page.

This version uses a 10K Thermistor from Ada Fruit:

http://www.adafruit.com/products/372 It comes with a 1% 10K resistor which you can use as calibration or for a resistor divider

Additional parts: * 1 common-anode RGB LED * wire * a breadboard or circuit board & soldering eqmt. * Arduino * 9v battery and holder

Here is our first draft of the circuit board: Thermal_Fishing_Bob.jpg

Following the excellent Ada Fruit instructions changed the board to stabilize the voltage through the circuit:


Here is the arduino sketch:

We had some successful tests:



The circuit inside its repurposed Kool-Aid enclosure.


We stabilized it with styrofoam cups.


And deployed it in the bathtub.