We are hosting a meet-up at AS220 Bar in Providence, RI, to look at tiny stuff over brews! DIY Microscopes and kits available. Let's be real. Everything looks cool up close. Come drop by! This meet up is hosted in conjunction with AS220 Industries, a collection of community workspaces and resources that offers affordable, project-based, experiential learning in digital fabrication, printmaking and media arts. By providing access to studio space, tools of the trade, and varied training opportunities, AS220 Industries fosters a diverse and dynamic environment for learning and making. With our hands-on approach, students are encouraged to engage in peer-to-peer learning and teaching as they explore, create, and innovate. Free and open to the public. Registration not required, but it's nice to know you're coming! **October 4th** **Starting at 6pm** 115 Empire St Providence, RI RSVP here: https://shop.as220.org/collections/workshops-labs/products/microbrew-as220-bar **** Flyers here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1KdpxEoeIyKvU-MbM2hiU2NCXp4AImu3ZWNqX1Zkvovc/edit#slide=id.p microbrews-flyers.pdf **** ## More events See more upcoming and past events here: [notes:grid:microbrews] ...

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