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Staff Call Notes 5-7-2012

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  • Goals
  • catching up on back paperwork for PLOTS
  • GM Forum Process Launch
  • Followups from Houston- joint to Barry Lefer
  • Beginning writeup for Technoscience as Activism


  • fundraising: “tech awards”? 25-50k? Education/environment, I was nominated.
  • sysadmin - ready to sign PO? (answered, still in progress)
  • bookkeeper update/next steps (answered)


  • Goals research: set up H2S experiments next steps, tool development page redesign: meeting Matt/Jeff, research note-H2S, May Day outreach: organizing/ordering AS220 workshop, Make Article, SCA meeting sysadmin: figuring out what’s going on there fundraising: investigating foundations 501c3 status


  • Goals (many carried over from last week)
    • space negotiations: Pfizer. Made a proposal for June/July work trade, then start paying $750 rest split between 3 people in August, ramping up $250 per month until Dec 1 arrive at full 2K rent 1,500sqft.
      • Public Lab monetary commitments -- June: $0, July: $0, Aug: $250, Sept: $250, Oct: $250, etc for potentially a long term lease, 5 year or 10 year. I have approached to join us, as well as, and circled back with GenSpace to see if they had any individuals from their community who are interested in branching out from the MEx space in downtown BK. Continuing to curate the space by filling it with folks and orgs with open research for social and environmental missions.
    • iLAB - summer scheduling of full-week worksession, several workshops (goals, space, materials, people). looking into lifting people into the air with kites.
    • air column monitor - re-connecting to scientists who i briefly spoke with before EcoHack. setting near term, mid term, long term goals.
      • talk to Aprovecho about their particulate matter sensors (via Mat)
    • pick up Stewart requests for metadata on NYC maps
    • call manpriya when i get a phone back tomorrow.
    • Rio follow-up. - pick back up on that email thread.
    • EPA Wetland Grant Region 2. hear back from Adam’s convo with Eymund.
    • Parsons collab - need to get this set up over the summer.


  • finances, fundraising, report to Knight, liability insurance, prep for Houston (, organizer list emails, finish bookkeeper jd, H2s tasks before Houston, hiring practices


  • Goals



  • do we have a clear list of PBS blog dates? iLAB crew wants to aim for a date. Also Liz wants to know what her deadlines are. Yes- Shan will send an email with dates for the next couple of months
  • did we respond to UNICEF? Liz check in with Ives on this.
  • Water Canary
    • 24-48 hr deadline passed?
    • nothing back from Sarah on OS, licensing. Liz will call Sonaar. Mathew will call Sarah.


*Mat/Jeff/Sara meeting? Tool page development - Doodle? * email thread


  • Archive dvds for FL this week? not yet
  • Lumicon Paper Analysis stew and adam
    • still reaching Adam, due this Friday
  • discussion of publication and research practices for thursday?

Newsletter suggestions

  • Format: Title in bold - less than a sentence please - http://link-to-more-info...
  • less than a sentence please
  • Big Branch and Woodlands Conservancy mappings Sunday and Monday, putting together spec/IR cameras
  • EJ encuentro
  • Printing from MapKnitter and Archive - Stewart & Jeff will post an announcement...