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Staff call notes 5 13 2011

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Public Archive

  • Backups:
    • add the plots backup script to drndl cron
    • stewart: ask about keeping copies of raw data in CA, actually just copies of all phases
      • order another TB drive -- talk to Shannon, use Gulf Coast debit card
  • PDF what needs to be done?
    • data entry sheet/page
    • maps page - overview map, then embedded viewer instead of thumbnail
    • create records for all maps
  • Jeff: focus on final poster, layout, and actual printing done
  • add gdal commands info to wiki page, to document our gdal processes:
  • GDAL: can we make a GeoTiff without using gdalwarp? add to gdal_translate, or just ping Mike Migurski?
  • lots of obliques stitches, what to do with them?
    • obliques displayed in Flickr, but linked to and displayed in Maps database
    • obliques stored (backed up) in the archive directories for their respective sites


  • Hunter, timelapse work?

Field work this week

  • Barataria Bay monitoring with LUMCON
  • Grand Isle - birds! A test for the Salt Lake project.

PLOTS website


  • online mapping party? learn to stitch?
    • or just a real-world “party” to stitch a map quickly after it’s made. Maybe the same people as collected the images but not necessarily

Next staff meeting at 12:00 EST on Monday May 19th 2011