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Staff call notes 10 31 2011

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Monday, October 31, 2011

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All 7 staff present


Recent & Upcoming events

  • 4S- Jeff can help with presentations remotely if need be
  • “Central Booking” art opening with 90” long Bourne print - yay Leif.
  • Submit receipt. work on group communication and email chain.
  • Remote poster printing? need to send a large format print to Rick in Rifle, Heeja in Boulder...Stewart doing this (Sara wants to coordinate on connecting with Colorado on this). Ask Leif if you want more printing.
  • In future- send an email out to people and ask for a second or third person for assistance before committing- don’t take unless we have this model in place
  • Togo?- seven votes for yes and one vote for no
  • Eye on Earth Summit- Liz is going to Abu Dhabi to represent PLOTS - get one of 12 kiosks and Liz doing presentation on how crowdsourcing isn’t civic science- Liz might be sending requests for content, 12/10-through end of week (16th).


End of November contacts for all except corporate sponsorship (end of year) - Heinz (Sara), Omyidar (Jeff), Rockefeller (Liz) * EPA Nov 8, 2011. - No * NSF Phase II beginning aiming at Jan 11, 2012. looking for:... * omyidar network re-contact- Jeff spoke with them (come back when have some $ and can talk again) - this week * Corporate sponsorship- can a couple of people look at this? Canon, etc- Shannon and Jeff- start with, Dane? (dad works at Olympus- could advise?) Canon, conflict in terms of in-kind and $, January- quarter 1- Patagonia and 1% Heinz Foundation- Sara will look into it * NYC - Rockefeller Cultural Innovation Grant. oh dear -- deadline tonight at midnight, of course. Next deadline will be in Spring 2012.

Public Archive/Web

  • spectrometer tutorial, CERN OHL- sell beta or alpha v. NASA workshops with P&C, early adoptors- data analysis, etc- a dozen or so
  • Project on kickstarter, for spectrometer- other group
  • Mathew wants to refocus on retail/kits- release plan for spectrometer and balloon kits, put together retail timeline for the month- contingent on $ arriving
  • Retail discussion on Wednesday 12PST/3ET- Adam, Jeff, Stu, Mat
  • Liz wants to make tutorial on tracing over our imagery into OSM using JOSM, reach out to Potlatch to build in TMS connection.


  • Conduct
  • responsibility
  • holding votes- if all on phone call at same time and make agreement, can be seen as a vote, otherwise needs to be formal vote process. Needs to be a distinct proposal in writing that everyone can see- same doc. and same info that everyone can see.
  • Combine written proposal with a verbal briefing- everyone should have access to terms of what they are voting for in clear and concise fashion. In vote itself is a good place for it to happen.
  • Mathew- administrative tasks and voting- difficult to keep up with all admin things that had to be done- beyond email, more centralized org. docs that we are using- all org. systems are about comm.- email, Google docs, campfire, etc. Need slower, more formalized documents- short list- whats going on billboard across org. Point person for people to check in with if they have an absence Place extra emphasis on calling votes early- calling a vote and what is needed

Jeff’s proposal:

  • ALL decisions, and especially those involving transactions of over $1000, require a concise, itemized public proposal -- it can evolve/be edited, but it must be a consistent document (wiki or Google Doc) which all parties can view.
  • Votes can be rushed (voters should be aware that they can decline to vote on a rushed vote on procedural grounds, without that being construed as a vote against per se). But typically votes are posted Thurs-Sun or Mon-Wed.
  • Votes must include all relevant information or risk being abandoned due to incompleteness. A public shared proposal ahead of time is the best way to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Manpriya- Shannon and Sara coordinate on this

  • Adam and Sara- vote on parking and taxis

Field work this week

  • Mexico- Adam previous trips speaking- this trip, 33 univ. students from across country, 11 balloon mapped with, some from DF, some from outside city- purchased some equipment from Adam- one kid filmed whole process, made film edited to music, could write something for Mexico place page, Adam in comm. with their teacher- Carla, get kids on listserve- Jeff suggests spanish listserve (not currently active)

  • Gowanus - Eymund (fall color capture, access to brownfield “Public Place”)

  • Lima - mining site

iPhoto- videos for spectrometer- burn disc- Shannon