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Southeast Asia

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People and Places in Southeast Asia

India: "Yashas Shetty" - aerial mapping in conjunction with home DNA sequencing to identify/map GMO crops

"Shekhar Krishnan", "G. Nagarjuna", "G. Nagarjuna", Amit Dhakulkar, Amit Dhakulkar Schuyler Erle, Mikel Maron, - Aerial imagery in combination with Open Street Map initiatives FreeMap

Philippines: "maning sambale" - open geo data

Indonesia: unknown mappers. try area contact person: Kate Chapman with HotOSM

Vietnam: "Trịnh Ngọc Duy" - see comments on this post for his aerial video

Singapore: unknown mappers

Korea: "Jaekyung Lee" - beautiful illustrated mapping guide in Korean

China: Lee Altman and Jenny Chou