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RISD March 29 meeting

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Open Meeting

  • sometime in April
  • we should meet up a few days before to review - once we find out when the meeting is
  • by skype or in person

The open meeting proposal should include:

  • Your specific geographic site

    • site documentation - photos and some background/historical research
  • Your specific social site -- who is there and will be affected by your work

    • interview with a local partner from your site, or perhaps an activist involved at that site
    • contact them and invite them to the meeting
    • use this as an opportunity to invite them to collaborate
    • you could propose presenting with them, or just invite them to come
  • Your data set - or one you propose to take

    • if you have data, that's great! either test data, or from your real site
    • think of this as your "picture or map" of the data -- like the whiteboard exercise, but for real
    • if you don't yet have data, you can present a similar data set you find from someone else -- the EPA, for example
      • you may also present data which you are critical of, and would like to offer an alternative to
      • describe what's wrong with the data and how yours will be better
  • Consider actions this might inspire -- what are the outcomes you imagine?

    • how do you want to implement it - print out the images and distribute them?
    • the process itself might be the most important, rather than the final image

Today's whiteboard exercise

Finally, by Friday, please write up a "Note" with the photo I took of your proposal.

  • 3-500 words?
  • next steps: will this be your proposal for the open meeting? What will you do now to prepare?

The photos are here: Please post this by going to (you may have to sign up on the site if you haven't already)