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Whitney Trade School Class

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Send by Sunday, March 6

Sign up using teacher Trade School form at: Leave the day/time and barter items blank In the box for 'maximum number of students' enter 1 In class description, if there is something important that you want students to bring (ie: yoga mat, digital camera) or know (ie they will be kneeling/laying prone on the floor) list this here.

Send by Wed. March 9th

  1. A detailed list of materials/equipment you need to teach your class. (ie. chairs, video projector, clipboards/something for your student to write on, extension cords, lighting etc). You don't need to list the specialized materials/equipment unique for your class (ie sugar, broken cd roms) We expect you will bring those materials for your class.

  2. General Materials equipment you already have to teach you class. (ie. power strips)

The more independent you can be to provide your own materials/equipment the better. We will make every effort to provide you with the materials and equipment that you do not have but need (ie chairs)

  1. Assistants. Even if you are teaching as a group, having 1-2 assistants will be very helpful, if not essential, for set-up/strike down especially for the cafe classes and mobile classes. Please provide the names, email address and phone number of anyone who will be helping you.