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Smartphone spectrometer

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This page is under construction.

At long last, we've started shipping the Smartphone Spectrometer, formerly called the "Backpack Spectrometer" -- and you can order a kit today (shipping begins by the end of the month):

Read more about the new kit here:

The final instructions (as sent to press) are here:



List of parts

  • 3 injection molded plastic (ABS) parts
  • 2 short screws
  • 2 long screws
  • black paper liner
  • diffraction grating
  • protective film
  • precision printed slit
  • jewelers screwdriver

Design files

This being open hardware (CERN OHL 1.1), here are the files:

These are also on Thingiverse:

And here is a more 3D-printable version by Brad Dudenhoffer:

Order a 3D print on Shapeways here:




Sketchup model: smartphone-spec-overview.skp

Mathew's Assembly Run

  • 3 injection molded plastic (ABS) parts
  • 2 short screws
  • 2 long screws
  • 1 short black paper liner (5cm x 4cm)
  • 1 long black paper liner (5cm x 8cm)
  • 6 5cm lengths of double-sided tape
  • 1 5cm black foam tape
  • diffraction grating (5cm x 4.4cm) *protective film I did without-- this extra step increases the chances of damaging the grating in order to protect it.
  • precision printed slit
  • jewelers screwdriver
  • razor blade

See full image set here

backpack spectrometer assembly take 2


Adhesive options

Here's a list of other adhesives and tape strips which may be helpful in assembling and mounting the spectrometer. Some may be shipped in the kits: