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Anyone may host a Public Lab event -- it's a great way to get a local community together, even just for a meet-and-greet.

Posting your event

To post an event, visit

Important things to include when posting an event post:

  • the title of your event,
  • what you will be doing at the event (including goals if you have goals for what you would like to accomplish),
  • where and when it will be hosted,
  • if people need to bring anything with them (for example, hats and sunscreen if they will be spending time outdoors),
  • if you will have drinks or food there or if people should bring their own snacks,
  • directions on how to get to the event, or an address,
  • anything else that's important and specific to your event.

** It can be helpful to tag a location on your event. You can do this by using this button on your event post. This way people will be able to see the event location on a map.


Google calendar for events

We also have a Google events calendar viewable on page. To have your event appear on this calendar, fill out this form:

Event support

Want some help or advice on hosting an event? Join OpenCall on Tuesdays and talk about your event ideas with people at Public Lab

Here are some event hosting resources: