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Hydrogen Sulfide

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An organization page for RISD-led grassroots detection of H2S research.

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Framing the problem

Let’s try this for Hydrogen Sulfide

  • where is the issue located? how can we get there and with whom do we collaborate?
  • what is the information that’s missing? How will it change the situation?
  • what are they key parameters:
    • what intensities & exposure times are harmful to humans or the environment?
    • where can it be detected?
    • how long does it take?
    • how fast does it move/change, or how large an area does it affect?
    • what kind of detection? presence/absence? direction of flow? intensity or spot source?
  • what equipment is available today, and who has access to it? How much does it cost and what is its sensitivity/latency? How much does it weigh and how does it work (air grab sample, continuous flow, soil sample?)
  • who are the potential users? What should the output data look like? Graphs, logs, lights, images?
  • what are the data’s uses/outcomes? Legal? Avoidance? Remediation? Regulation?