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Jeff: I'm using this page to jot down some ideas for a proposal on an expanded role for the "team" email list


Team is currently a group of people who "keep PLOTS going" - both staff and volunteer. This page explores the idea of renaming the group "core" and expanding it's role in leading the PLOTS community in a more participatory and representative way.

  • Rename "team" to "core"?
    • back it with a google group for moderation etc.
    • (export/backup google groups)
  • Post an open invitation to the "core" list
    • vote required to join?
    • requirements? have organized an event?
    • nomination?
  • Core gets voting power
  • Core can join working groups?
    • some working groups are nonprofit-only, like retail?
    • clear delineation of responsibilities, decisionmaking
  • Core is intended to outgrow staff but not to render it obsolete
  • Concretize staff support responsibilities:
    • production: retail, print publications
    • infrastructure: archive, software & web hosting
    • legal entity to negotiate with institutions
    • umbrella to raise money for community works and paid positions
    • beholden to community (mandate)?
  • Convert one of the staff calls to an open call (friday)


  • Change nonprofit titles from "Director of Research" to "Director of Research Coordination" or "Director of Research Practices" or something.
  • Reduce private meetings and locked pages, including weekly staff call notes
  • "how to start a chapter" page
  • in general, "how to become an organizer of PLOTS community/events/projects" info
  • more "how to organize X" pages like: