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Retail Outline




sourcing balloons, kites###

retail partnerships

Map Prints

  • maps by order, prints


  • t-shirts, jackets, etc. can we make something actually stylish? where would you wear a map?

  • stickers + T-shirts for sale

  • mention in video kits are coming
  • 1st week of december, spectrometer, balloon kits for sale.

  • T-shirts (grey map squares) - $7 printing, $7 shipping, contact Zoo City, get rolling

    • Start working on balloon rising T-shirt along back-- shannon’s design.
  • Stickers - $5, we get $1.50


Jeff taking lead with Spectrometer as our first case study with Parts & Crafts


GMF workflow:

  • divide up grid, pass out google docs to contributors.
  • How do we launch GM Forum all at once, with retail-- i.e. donation levels from GM Forum up to balloon and spectrometer kits.

Adam- don’t lose gifts that are donations to our organization that are tax-deductible, this is our big push and make it clear that we can receive donations.

Are people “backers” also members of PLOTS?

  • reward can be “membership” -- find out legally what “membership” means
  • “membership” vs. being part of the Plots community? - “member of the plots ….” - use Kickstarter’s “backers”, makes people seem like “investors” -- rather than charity-givers/donaters