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This wiki page contains all of the published videos in the "Civilian Monitoring of Pipelines in Louisiana" series. These webinars were created and compiled by Alahna Moore as a part of Public Lab's oil and gas accountability fellowship.

The first two videos are intended to connect the origins of oil and gas development in the Gulf Coast region to the environmental degradation and land loss experienced in the last half of a century. Videos two and three will provide resources for conducting pipeline related research and step - by - step training for civilian monitoring, photographic data collection, and reporting environmental concerns to government regulators.

Each video in this series examines a different facet of the problems caused by oil and gas development in Louisiana, therefore videos can be viewed individually or in order.

The purpose of this webinar series is: - to educate residents about the impacts of oil and gas development on the natural and built landscapes of the Gulf South - to demonstrate ways that legislation such as the Clean Water Act and governmental resources such as the National Response Center can be utilized to demand accountability from oil and gas companies when they illegally act outside of their permit or harm the environment

  • to make existing data, tools, resources, and applications accessible and easy to use

While these videos are specifically catered to the situation in Louisiana, the tools and techniques discussed in these videos are applicable to environmental struggles across the nation. Many of the state-run resources provided here have similar counterparts in other areas.


These videos are part one of the webinar series "Civilian Monitoring of Pipelines in Louisiana," hosted by Public Lab.