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Open hardware licensing logistics

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Help get the word out

Keep in mind, this is a consensus process, not a requirement. That said, many of us believe that it is a key part a functional open science initiative, so we hope everyone will participate by signing the agreement.

  • First we'll email the mailing lists - which will also be an opportunity for discussion for the whole community (done!)
  • Then, we'll need to get people to reach out through their contacts to get to folks who aren't as engaged online
  • The "Contributors" box is a good place to start finding names; if we get everyone on there, we can at least speak for all the content on the PLOTS site.

People we need to contact (7)

(remember that if people signed up after April 17, 2012, they accepted the CERN OHL during registration)

Haven't created research notes but would be nice to have agreement:

  • Roxana Garrido
  • Jesus Peña
  • Carla del Carpio
  • Seth Hunter
  • Oliver Yeh

More specific agreement wording

Our IP lawyer helped draft this more detailed agreement which we should consider using:

Draft email

In reaching out to contributors, a custom email enumerating what someone has brought to the project is best, but it may be helpful to have a form email if you're emailing a lot of people:

Hi, >recipient name here< I'm getting in touch because you've contributed to Public Laboratory open source technologies, and we are in the process of adopting a new open source hardware license allowing our community to better protect our collective design work and to keep it open, transparent, and public. The license proposed is the CERN Open Hardware License: As a valued member of our community, I want to encourage you to read over the proposal and if you agree, to indicate your agreement and license the work which you have published or contributed at Public Laboratory to date. Please learn more and take action here: There is also an active conversation on the subject at the Public Lab mailing list. Best, >your name here<

Once we have agreement

  • We should post a link to this on the user reg form: (jeff)
  • A reminder on the "Post a research note" form would be nice (jeff/sara)
  • A logo would be nice (is there one?) (jeff)
  • Outreach about our adoption (if/when it happens) (mathew)