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OHL Agreement

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It is the goal of PLOTS (the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science) to make hardware designs freely available to its users and to encourage its users to add to and improve upon those designs, while also making those additions and improvements freely available to other PLOTS users and the broader public. For those reasons, PLOTS and its members make their hardware documentation available to the public/to visitors/delete this subject to the CERN Open Hardware License (OHL).

By clicking here/signing up, I agree that, when I receive hardware documentation from PLOTS, the documentation will be licensed to me under the terms of the CERN OHL (available at

I also acknowledge the following understanding of the CERN OHL, by which PLOTS and I are bound (section numbers refer to the numbered paragraphs of the CERN OHL):

  • Under section 3.3, I am allowed to modify the documentation I download from the PLOTS website/PLOTS members/what about Flickr or other file/photo sharing sites?, for instance by improving or altering a hardware design from the PLOTS website.
  • Under section 3.3(d), if I distribute any such modified documentation, I am required to send a copy of the modified documentation to PLOTS (for example to or the PLOTS public mailing list). Distribution of modified documentation could include, for example, putting a description of an improved or altered version of a PLOTS hardware design into a patent application.
  • When I send my modified documentation to PLOTS, I am licensing the modified documentation back to PLOTS under the terms of the CERN OHL.
  • Under section 3.4, by licensing my modified documentation to PLOTS under the OHL, I will be granting PLOTS and any of its members/and the public a license to any rights I own, including patent rights, that are necessary to manufacture or distribute products according to section 4.1.
  • Under section 2.2, the rights to the modified documentation that I grant to PLOTS under the OHL are sub-licensable, allowing PLOTS to freely pass along the modified documentation and all associated rights to other PLOTS users/members/the public under the terms of the OHL.