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NASA connections

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There are many divisions of NASA that share interests with Public Lab. Here are just a few:


Mission in brief: "From village to space"

Model: Set up hubs in the developing world: mesoamerica, kathmandu, east africa, and coming soon in west africa, south asia. Works with DEVELOP (see below) to do applied research on local issues identified by the SERVIR hubs.

How we might work together:

  1. start direct relationship with each of the SERVIR hubs through an intro webinar

  2. connect with USAID appropriate technology initiative

  3. connect with their partnership with AAG "My Community My Earth"


Mission in brief: DEVELOP addresses community concerns relating to environmental issues. Does this by utilizing NASA Earth Observations

Model: Link advanced students and young professionals with local gov, state gov, regional gov, federal gov, academia, international partners, and NGOs during 10 week terms of intensive research. "DEVELOP is an incubator for applied NASA Earth science projects."

How we might work together: a possible working relationship could be of three types --

1A. A DEVELOP project leads to a Public Lab follow-up

1B. A Public Lab project could engage DEVELOP for an advanced research component.

  1. A real collaborative project where we plan the collaboration and partnership from the start, including possible Public Lab coming to Develop with an existing project.

How we are working together: Gulf Coast DEVELOP is working with Gulf Coast Public Lab on customizing the mobile spectrometer for viewing distant refinery plumes.

coming soon...

Earth Science

coming soon...

NASA Data (LANDSAT) (contains all the DAACs) (technically, this is USGS, but will contain ASTER data) (also runs off ECHO API, but people find it more accessible) (perhaps provides the best model for how citizen science can intersect with NASA, as ORNL conducts ground truthing for satellites)