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kombucha leather

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The lead image is by Suzanne Lee (watch her TED talk)

  • biomaterial means a regenerative material created by living organisms, as contrasted with materials that must be mined or extracted, or require high energy inputs from fossil fuels
  • kombucha is a symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast
  • kombucha leather is the dried form of the thickened layer that forms over fermenting liquid kombucha

Design goals

  • grow microbial leather that can be sewn or moulded in ways analogous to leather, parchment or homemade paper
  • improve our production techniques to gain greater control over the attributes of the final material
  • test enhancements of the microbial leather such as coloring or waterproofing

Project background

Artists and designers are exploring the potential of microbial leather as a sustainable alternative to the ethically and environmentally problematic use of animal-sourced leather. Parsons Sustainable Systems is helping to advance this research.


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