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Internationalization | Getting started as a translator

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Internationalization effort of Publiclab's website is entirely present on Transifex - a localization platform.

Signing up for an account

  • Reach out to us at and we'll send an translator invite email with a link to set up your account. Click on the link, then complete the signup form and click Create my account.

Getting to the Editor

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  • In the language dropdown, choose which language you want to translate content to. Depending on your role, you might only see the languages you've been given permission to work on.

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  • From the list of resources, click the one you'd like to translate.

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  • Here's how to translate strings in Transifex:

    From the strings list on the left, click on the string you want to translate. Your selected string will appear on the right hand side in the source strings box. Type your translation into the translation box below the source string box.

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  • Hit Save or you can hit Save all after you translate several strings.

For any more information, please write to