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Features are a type of Node used for things like the front page, banners, footer text, and other content that is more infrastructural but change periodically. They are managed at (admin only)

Features are a type of Node kind of like notes, wiki pages, or questions -- but they are editable by admins only, and use raw HTML and no markdown. They are typically cached for quick loading, and can be inserted anywhere in the code to create a semi-permanent dynamic content area like a banner, explanatory text, etc.

Read about the code side of Features here:

Active Features

Each Feature is based on a keyword. The following are actively used keywords (some at are no longer used):

  • anniversary-banner - shows at the top of the page, full width, on ALL pages across the site
  • spectral-workbench-sidebar
  • mapknitter-sidebar - no longer used
  • email-footer - inserted into all outgoing tag subscription emails from the site
  • footer-notice - site-wide footer
  • signup-notice - appears below the signup form at /signup
  • questions-header

many more...

This is a holding page for featured content (banners, blurbs, etc) which we'll be using around the website. Please follow the format provided in the template below:


  1. Upload a suitable image (see tips, below) to this wiki page. (uploading here will generate multiple sizes which we use in the published feature)
  2. Provide very short text to display as a Title and optional Subtitle
  3. Indicate what URL the feature should link to
  4. Mark when this should be posted (1 week warning ideally) and when it should come down (if applicable)
  5. Email with all of this information and a link to your image on this page.

Note: we may request edits or alternative images before it's ready to post.


  • Good images have good contrast, but are not too busy that text won't read well. If you're not sure, upload a few.
  • Images should be at least 750px wide and roughly 3x wider than tall.
  • Images should NOT have text or other edits on top; the text will be added separately.
  • Text needs to be REALLY SHORT to fit. Think: title of 3 words, next line <8 words
  • Either overall light or overall dark images work best, as we'll put either white or black text over them.

Uploaded images

Upload images here under a unique heading (formatted as ###Heading), and include a link in your request. Be sure we can figure out which photo you want.

Example images:


(Note that this can easily have text laid over and remain readable)



Dates: Now to April 10th



Dates: Feb 15th - (can be up until July really)

Text: Stormwater Workshop Series: New Orleans



Image: 20150418_120343.jpg

Live Call: FOIA & environmental data


Part of: data_rescue_nyc.jpg


Text: February 3, 3pm ET


Date to upload: Jan 25

Build a Spectrometer!

Link to:

Date to upload: 3/27/15

Team: Outreach


Pole Mapping Event!

Link to:

Date to upload: 4/2/15

Team: Outreach




Gulf Coast Spring Fling

March 14th in New Orleans

Link to:

Date to upload: 2/23/15

Team: Outreach

NEW Pole Mapping Kits!





Link to:

Date to upload: April 1st 2015

Team: Kits