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Building on the success of EcoHackNYC on November 4&5, 2011, an expanded team of organizers is planning for EcoHackII to be held at Parsons April 20-22, 2012. Planning Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rsVgueS1dw3uPVLXoiL-Y7Qh7xJT8w-Zo6QvRoNi9kg/edit?pli=1


to add to the existing brew of data visualizers, application developers, graphic designers, and activists by bringing in hardware hackers.


Vizzuality: Javier de la Torre, Andrew Hill Redd Metrics: Robin Kraft UNEP: Craig Mills Public Lab: Liz Barry, Shannon Dosemagen, Leif Percifield, Mathew Lippincott NIJEL / NASA at ASU: Lela Prashad, JD Godchaux Pachube: Ed Borden, Joe Saavedra WickedDevice.com: Victor Aprea University of Colorado-Boulder, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering Dept.: Ricardo Piedrahita

Balloon Sensors

http://publiclaboratory.org/wiki/vertical-atmospheric-profiles https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WlCVRlSdhE1Jo3VSMOhQKGRcz0kW_Cc0n_u63kBJ3_M/edit?pli=1

Science Advisory Board

  • Phylogenomics: Jonathan Eisen
  • environmental geochemist / public health research.: Steven N. Chillrud
  • global environmental change + air pollution: Patrick L. Kinney
  • geographer: Alex de Sherbinin
  • CIRES - Yannick