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Dust Sampling

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Dust sampling can be done with a filter, a sticky pad, or other techniques, and can help in assessing particulate air pollution (#pm or #dust) -- see for more.

This is also a helpful prerequisite step for viewing particulate pollution through a microscope, if it's big enough to be seen!


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What are some ways to collect dust or particulate samples for analysis? @warren over 6 years ago 4
What is the scenario under which you would use an optical vs. a passive monitor to measure dust? @kgradow1 over 6 years ago 1
How does the EPA measure things, especially the size of dust particles? @kgradow1 over 6 years ago 3
How big are silica particles, in microns? @warren almost 7 years ago 2
How big are smoke particles, in microns? @warren almost 7 years ago 4
Are there any methods to distinguish where particulate matter in the air comes from? @stevie about 7 years ago 4
Can PM4 be monitored with the MiniVol? @mathew over 7 years ago 1
Can a passive dust monitoring housing be made from a cheaper/easier material? @warren over 7 years ago 2
What kind/size of microdust does activated carbon give off & how much of a concern is it? @jfrankamp over 7 years ago 2


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