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Cornell's EECapacity project

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EPA funded EECapacity project


EPA funded project (including partners such as USFWS, NOAA and AZA) led by PI Marianne Krasny at Cornell University, in collaboration with the North American Association for Environmental Education. . Aiming to make resources of environmental education connected to urban groups working on public health and well being. Project goals: network growth + capacity building, creating online resources for thinking about urban EE and also how a community collaboratively learns. Objective is to identify shared goals and emphasis in each others work and access each others resources.

Partners involved in evaluating Community EE Guidelines

  • New Knowledge Organization - Johnny Fraser. a non-profit research and evaluation org based in NYC are research partners and external evaluators.
  • Public Lab
  • """"""professional"""""" network of folks who have developed a new set of guidelines.

Link to Community Environmental Education Guidelines


  • originally "Guidelines for Excellence" developed by Bora Simmons. EPA office for environmental education. american association for environmental education. addressing demographic shift and gaps in traditional env. ed. different concept and priorities.
  • No guidelines for community educators who have a different focus such as improving the urban environment or gardening.
  • New guidelines developed, led by Akiima Price (previously involved with the NY Restoration Project)

Public Lab will

  • three local American constituencies such as a lead organizer in a city
    • looking to get 15 total responses from each city. Hoping for variation within the same city.
    • NKO has written an introduction letter with link to guidelines
    • offer stipend
  • share guidelines with these individuals
  • set up phone interviews
  • proceeding to focus groups