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Barnstar Brainstorm

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Barnstar Template

Use this large PNG as a template! It has a transparent background and it wants to be adorned with only the finest accessories. Click the star, then right click the image and save as to download it locally.


which barnstars should be listed in research note dropdown?

  • classic (existing)
  • documentation (combo of photo, video, cinematography)
  • watchdog (existing)
  • empiricism (existing)
  • education barnstar - (existing)
  • remixing
  • engagement barnstar (for outreach) - two halves of star flipped inside out so points touch in the center. Similar to an earlier proposal for "teamwork barnstar"
  • Affordability: making technologies more accessible by radically reducing their cost.
  • great question - (new) gold question mark for a well-framed research question

all proposed barnstars

  • Philosophy of Community Science (proposed by Shannon for Don, June 12, 2014)
  • project management (new) - clipboard ? (for scott eustice)
  • enthusiasm (new) - (separate from excessive enthusiasm)_
  • brilliant idea (new) - will look like a glowing lightbulb on star.
  • moderators (new) anti spam
  • guidance (new) - for research assistance (like eymund)
  • motivation (new) - a star lifting up another star?
  • tireless contribution! (new) - Rosie the riveter on a star
  • Protest:
  • Legibility (lowering barriers to entry and/or combating jargon)
  • something for the Juakali craft market and similar things... "Making the invisible visible"? "Daylighting"? Needs a shorter name. could be drawn as an X-ray star?
  • tool dev (new) - OSHA gear