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Air Quality Class 5

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Class Home

1) (3-5 minutes) HOOK. Grab the students' attention with exciting visualizations. Presentation showing a data visualization

2) (25-30 minutes) In groups (4-5 students), we will workshop the AQ data, focused on ways of visualizing the AQ data. The data types are: - Temperature, Humidity and VOC ( Later on they hope to be collecting CO and NO2 as well. - The key here would be to work with what the data says and then think about how to relay that to the community based on the results of the survey (Week 3). We will use the survey responses to develop the "why" & "how" of the visualizations. Adults show visualizations and guide students to create their own visualization.

3) (10 minutes) Which data visualization did you like the best? Why? Which would be the best to show other people and why? At the end of class, the groups report back on the idea and reason, and vote on each other's ideas.

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