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Assess Turbidity in Water

As explained [in @donblair's primer](/notes/donblair/08-25-2015/turbidity-001), measuring turbidity means "measuring the amount of suspended solids in water -- solids that haven't fully dissolved". That is, "turbidity, an optical technique for assessing suspended solids in liquid -- is an important water quality parameter. Typically, light is shone into a liquid sample, and the amount of light scattered back out of the sample (off of particles suspended in it) is measured; the intensity of this scattered light is considered to be related to the amount of suspended solids in the sample." ([reference](/wiki/turbidity_sensing)) _image credit: https://castlebrookestreamstudy.weebly.com/_ This page needs help! * Info about regulations * Info about ecological or human health impacts * Advocacy leverage points * Constraints we're working within: cost, complexity, sensitivity, time There are a LOT of resources available on these pages by @donblair and others: * https://publiclab.org/notes/donblair/08-25-2015/turbidity-001 * https://publiclab.org/wiki/turbidity_sensing **** ## Questions [questions:turbidity] **** ## Sensors Here's a list of different turbidity sensors and measurement systems. See below for some Do-It-Yourself approaches to measuring turbidity, and [this page](https://publiclab.org/wiki/turbidity_sensing) for more information on how turbidity sensors works. * Kelley et al., An Affordable Open Source Turbidimeter http://www.mdpi.com/1424-8220/14/4/7142/pdf * Hackteria.org, Turbiduino: http://hackteria.org/wiki/DIY_turbidity_meters * Lambrou et al., A Nephelometric Turbidity System for Monitoring Residential Drinking Water Quality: http://www2.ucy.ac.cy/~faniseng/publications/SENSAPPEAL09.pdf - Fondriest review: http://www.fondriest.com/environmental-measurements/equipment/measuring-water-quality/turbidity-sensors-meters-and-methods/ - Hach overview: http://www.hach.com/asset-get.download-en.jsa?code=61798 <iframe src="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSc9ZCBfiTnvYinkSJSjyk0kuf4D3jma1FnwAyzQQCocynuqYNB5DXJlcKtRYEfCPLY-J_T5Ods3tYZ/pubhtml?gid=28737041&amp;single=true&amp;widget=true&amp;headers=false" style="border:none;width:100%;height:300px;"></iframe> (see [Water sensors](https://publiclab.org/wiki/water-sensors) for more, and [click here to add to this table](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UwjRqU8kHTwEcnDdO2Zxkr8zkFkaGfyePJ-cdnxJzw0/edit#gid=28737041)) **** ## Activities Activities for people to test methods (these develop over time) [activities:turbidity] **** ## Existing work [notes:turbidity] ...

Notes on turbidity by warren