## Featured topics These tags are featured in the navbar and in the footer: * [Agriculture](/tag/agriculture) * [Air quality](/tag/air-quality) * [Climate change](/tag/climate-change) * [Disaster response](/tag/disaster-response) * [Education](/tag/education) * [Indoor air quality](/tag/indoor-air-quality) * [Land use](/tag/land-use) * [Law and policy](/tag/law-and-policy) * [Lead](/tag/lead) * [Microplastics](/tag/microplastics) * [Noise](/tag/noise) * [Odor](/tag/odor) * [Oil and gas](/tag/oil-and-gas) * [Organizing](/tag/organizing) * [Soil](/tag/soil) * [Stormwater](/tag/stormwater) * [Transportation](/tag/transportation) * [Waste](/tag/waste) * [Water quality](/tag/water-quality) * [Wetlands](/tag/wetlands) ## How do topics stay up to date? Every three months, we collaboratively review a topic—a part of the "big four" of water, air, soil, organizing/advocacy— with the goal of synthesizing and refreshing relevant resources so that they are as current as possible and useful to members of the community. Read more on the Reviews page. ## Even more topics Beyond these featured topics, tags organize community knowledge under common themes. View all tags on the Tag page. ## What if this website doesn't have anything on an important topic yet? Some of these topic pages are incomplete or don't yet exist, so if you're interested in helping out, see this [guide to writing a topic page on](/notes/warren/03-22-2019/writing-a-topic-page-on-publiclab-org). ## Other ways to organize topics The table below offers another view into research areas on Public Lab, this time by [Water](/tag/water-quality), [Soil](/tag/soil), [Air](/tag/air-quality), [Industry](/industry), [Climate](/tag/climate-change), [Organizing](/organizing), and [Monitoring](/monitoring) and the subtopics contained within them. Perhaps this might help you find what you are looking for or what you are looking to contribute! Read on... **** | Major topics | Subtopics | |------|------| | [Water](/water-quality) | [drinking-water](/drinking-water) [fracking](/fracking) [microplastics](/microplastics) [lead](/lead) [mining](/mining) [agriculture](/agriculture) [oil-and-gas](/oil-and-gas) [filters](/filters) [wastewater](/wastewater)| | [Soil](/soil) | [lead](/lead) [mining](/mining) [agriculture](/agriculture) [oil-and-gas](/oil-and-gas) | | [Air](/air-quality) | [indoor-air](/indoor-air) [formaldehyde](/formaldehyde) [dust](/dust) [particulate-matter](/particulate-matter) [oil-and-gas](/oil-and-gas) [transportation](/transportation) [filters](/filters) | | [Industry](/industry) | [land-use](/land-use) [land-change](/land-change) [particulate-matter](/particulate-matter) [oil-and-gas](/oil-and-gas) [transportation](/transportation) [mining](/mining) [agriculture](/agriculture) [waste](/waste) [noise](/noise) [chemicals](/chemicals) [pipeline-monitoring](/pipeline-monitoring) [cafo](/cafo) | | [Climate](/climate) | [stormwater](/stormwater) [land-change](/land-change) [particulate-matter](/particulate-matter) [oil-and-gas](/oil-and-gas) | | [Organizing](/organizing) | [advocacy](/advocacy) [community-organizing](/community-organizing) [legal](/legal) [public-comment](/public-comment) [host-an-event](/host-an-event) | | [Monitoring](/monitoring) | [air-sensors](/air-sensors) [water-sensors](/water-sensors) [balloon-mapping](/balloon-mapping) [study-design](/study-design) other [methods](/methods) | ...

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