<div class="alert alert-info" role="alert">There's a lot more activity and information beyond these featured Topics; we use tags to organize community knowledge under common themes. View all tags on the <a href="">Tag Page</a> </div> <div class="alert alert-info" role="alert">Public Lab is currently featuring the following topics, listed here alphabetically: </div> [Agriculture](/tag/agriculture) | [Air quality](/tag/air-quality) | [Climate change](/tag/climate-change) | [Disaster response](/tag/disaster-response) | [Indoor air quality](/tag/indoor-air-quality) | [Land use](/tag/land-use) | [Lead](/tag/lead) | [Microplastics](/tag/microplastics) | [Noise](/tag/noise) | [Odor](/tag/odor) | [Oil and gas](/tag/oil-and-gas) | [Soil](/tag/soil) | [Stormwater](/tag/stormwater) | [Transportation](/tag/transportation) | [Waste](/tag/waste) | [Water quality](/tag/water-quality) | [Wetlands](/tag/wetlands) **** Some of these topic pages are incomplete or don't yet exist, but we're working collaboratively to organize this open knowledge base. If you're interested in helping out, see this [guide to writing a topic page on](/notes/warren/03-22-2019/writing-a-topic-page-on-publiclab-org). **** The table below offers another view into research areas on Public Lab, this time by [Water](/tag/water-quality), [Soil](/tag/soil), [Air](/tag/air-quality), [Industry](/industry), [Climate](/tag/climate-change), [Organizing](/organizing), and [Monitoring](/monitoring) and the subtopics contained within them. Perhaps this might help you find what you are looking for or what you are looking to contribute! Read on... **** | Major topics | Subtopics | |------|------| | [Water](/water-quality) | [drinking-water](/drinking-water) <br> [fracking](/fracking) <br> [microplastics](/microplastics) <br> [lead](/lead) <br> [mining](/mining) <br> [agriculture](/agriculture) <br> [oil-and-gas](/oil-and-gas)<br> [filters](/filters) | | [Soil](/soil) | [lead](/lead) <br> [mining](/mining) <br> [agriculture](/agriculture) <br> [oil-and-gas](/oil-and-gas) | | [Air](/air-quality) | [indoor-air](/indoor-air) <br> [formaldehyde](/formaldehyde) <br> [dust](/dust) <br> [particulate-matter](/particulate-matter) <br> [oil-and-gas](/oil-and-gas) <br> [transportation](/transportation) <br> [filters](/filters) | | [Industry](/industry) | [land-use](/land-use) <br> [land-change](/land-change) <br> [particulate-matter](/particulate-matter) <br> [oil-and-gas](/oil-and-gas) <br> [transportation](/transportation) <br> [mining](/mining) <br> [agriculture](/agriculture) <br> [waste](/waste) <br> [noise](/noise) <br> [chemicals](/chemicals) <br> [pipeline-monitoring](/pipeline-monitoring) <br> [cafo](/cafo) | | [Climate](/climate) | [stormwater](/stormwater) <br> [land-change](/land-change) <br> [particulate-matter](/particulate-matter) <br> [oil-and-gas](/oil-and-gas) | | [Organizing](/organizing) | [advocacy](/advocacy) <br> [community-organizing](/community-organizing) <br> [legal](/legal) <br> [public-comment](/public-comment) <br> [host-an-event](/host-an-event) | | [Monitoring](/monitoring) | [air-sensors](/air-sensors) <br> [water-sensors](/water-sensors) <br> [balloon-mapping](/balloon-mapping) <br> [study-design](/study-design) <br> other [methods](/methods) | ...

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