SkyPod GPS Logger

The SkyPod is an Arduino-based GPS logger designed to fly on a kite or balloon camera rig, but can be used as a general purpose data logger with a GPS receiver. The SkyPod includes an Arduino Nano, GPS module with antenna, and microSD card socket. Environmental sensors for temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure are typically part of the payload. Data can be saved to microSD card at any interval. Everything fits into a 3D printed housing which can be firmly attached to a camera rig.

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Assembling a SkyPod GPS logger

by cfastie about 1 year ago | 0 | 281 | 0

Above: A lot of soldering is required to assemble these parts into a data logger. Assembling a...

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Winds aloft: and a camera too

by cfastie 11 months ago | 0 | 361 | 2

I have made [four kite flights with anemometers](

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Winds aloft: sensor overload

by cfastie 11 months ago | 7 | 262 | 1

I have been including anemometers in the payload of kite flights for a few months ([series of res...

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Winds aloft: less noise

by cfastie about 1 year ago | 7 | 354 | 1

My first results from a [Modern Device wind sensor](

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Winds aloft

by cfastie about 1 year ago | 3 | 464 | 3

_Above: This seven foot Rokkaku kite lifted a two pound camera rig with EOS M and SkyPod data log...

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First flight of the SkyPod

by cfastie over 1 year ago | 3 | 306 | 2

_Above: The SkyPod mounted on a Saturn V Rig. The SkyPod includes a GPS module and antenna, Ardui...

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