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Winds aloft: less noise

by cfastie 6 days ago | 1 | 92 | 0

My first results from a [Modern Device wind sensor](

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Assembling a SkyPod GPS logger

by cfastie 11 days ago | 0 | 91 | 0

Above: A lot of soldering is required to assemble these parts into a data logger. Assembling...

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Winds aloft

by cfastie 16 days ago | 3 | 153 | 1

_Above: This seven foot Rokkaku kite lifted a two pound camera rig with EOS M and SkyPod data log...

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First flight of the SkyPod

by cfastie 2 months ago | 3 | 170 | 2

_Above: The SkyPod mounted on a Saturn V Rig. The SkyPod includes a GPS module and antenna, Ardui...

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SkyPod endurance test

by cfastie 4 months ago | 0 | 227 | 1

*Above: After letting the SkyPod record data all afternoon in the yard (boring), I took it for a ...

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U-blox GPS board

by cfastie 5 months ago | 3 | 240 | 2

_Above: I walked this loop which is about two miles long. The route in the upper and upper left p...

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The Great GPS Ski-off

by cfastie 5 months ago | 0 | 223 | 1

_Above: The GPS capabilities of these four devices were compared in a non-definitive and poorly c...

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A standalone aerial sensor pod

by cfastie 5 months ago | 6 | 212 | 2

*Above: The new bracket to hold a self contained GPS + sensor data logger on a Saturn V Rig. The ...

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Add GPS logging to a Saturn V Rig

by cfastie 7 months ago | 1 | 121 | 2

The Adafruit Ultimate GPS breakout board was [reasonably easy to get working][1] in no small part...

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Adding GPS logging to a kite or balloon aerial photography rig

by cfastie 7 months ago | 0 | 149 | 3

_Above: A GPS board mounted on a Saturn V Rig. The module is powered by the existing battery on t...

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