The pDR-1500 is Thermo Scientific's proprietary real-time [PM monitor](/wiki/pm-monitoring). It is an [optical PM](/wiki/optical-pm) system with a [filter for gravimetric calibration](/wiki/filter-pm#Filter-based+PM+monitors). The name stands for personal Data Ram. It can be equipped with a single-stage cyclone [impactor](/wiki/filter-pm#Impactors) for filter-based calibration of a single category of PM: PM10, PM4, PM2.5, or PM1. ## Operating the pDR-1500 The pDR-1500 is designed to provide real-time personal exposure information. It can be operated at any angle and even clipped to a belt. the pDR-1500 isn't the easiest accessory to wear, however, at 1.2kg (2.5 lbs). Filters can be acquired from and sent back to Chester LabNET for gravimetric analysis & calibration at $20/each: >Chester LabNET, 12242 SW Garden Place, Tigard OR 97223. Phone: 503.624.2183 #### Consumables: * four AA Batteries * one 37mm fiberglass filter every 24/hours * calibration once/year It is recommended to start each 24-hour period with fully charged or new AA batteries and a new 37mm fiberglass filter, whether or not filter-based calibration will be used during the monitoring period. ## Who operates the pDR-1500? the pDR-1500 is used by a variety of environmental monitoring groups, both for direct real-time monitoring and to [calibrate other real-time monitors](/wiki/optical-pm#Comparative+tests). the EPA uses the pDR-1500 in their [Village Green](https://www.epa.gov/air-research/village-green-project) monitoring project. ## Public Lab's pDR-1500 Public Lab has acquired a pDR-1500 available for loan. It was produced in 2011 and is in need of an updated calibration. pDR-1500 Serial # 0115247955 ## Activities [activities:pdr-1500]...

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