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Mapping Requests

Do you need aerial photography, or help taking your own? Over the years, Public Lab's community of mappers has grown -- whether #balloon-mapping, #kite-mapping, #pole-mapping, etc! We often help one another out; this page is a posting board for **requests for assistance with aerial photography**. (_above image from a group mapping of the first #ifarm event in New Hampshire_) (this page is under construction: a prototype) ## Requests [notes:request:aerial-photography] <a class="btn btn-primary" href="/post?n=14626&tags=question:aerial-photography,activity:requests,requests,request:aerial-photography,aerial-photography,request,request:general">Post a request for mapping help</a> - _or sign up to [be notified when others post a request](https://publiclab.org/subscribe/tag/request:aerial-photography)_ **** ## Help find assistance for people Sometimes people need help getting the word out or finding folks nearby to help map. There are a number of ways you can help -- but first, use this link to subscribe so you get an email when people post a request here: <a class="btn btn-primary" href="https://publiclab.org/subscribe/tag/request:aerial-photography">Subscribe to receive emails</a> _when requests are posted_ Some things you can do: * forward the request to [the relevant local discussion list](/lists) * tweet out the request or post it on Facebook * forward the request along to people you know working in the area * use a comment (and the `@username` syntax) to connect the requester with someone in their area who's posted on this site Open to ideas on how you can help -- please add to this page! To see who's signed up to be notified, see #request:aerial-photography...

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