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Root crops

by cfastie over 3 years ago | 0 | 4,737 | 3

*Image above: The last of the carrots and potatoes were harvested today. The Brussels sprouts wil...

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by cfastie over 3 years ago | 0 | 5,019 | 0

Image above: Wratten 25A infrared image of moss branches in front of a mat of liverwort. . ...

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Moody Meadows

by cfastie over 3 years ago | 0 | 4,611 | 1

I photographed the scene above of the Moody Meadows farm in New Haven, VT with Canon A2200 Powers...

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White balance for all

by cfastie over 3 years ago | 6 | 4,915 | 2

I have been doing a custom white balance on my CCD Powershot Infragram cameras by [filling the fr...

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Pine Hill

by cfastie over 3 years ago | 4 | 3,429 | 1

*Image above: A Gigapan Epic 100 imager with Powershot A2200 modified with a Wratten 25A red filt...

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Red Filter Rising

by cfastie over 3 years ago | 15 | 7,011 | 3

*Image above: False color infrared version of a landscape scene taken with a modified Canon A2200...

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