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Water chestnut NRG

by cfastie about 5 years ago | 0 | 4,816 | 2

Image above: False color infrared image of floating leaved plants on Lake Warner, MA. The ca...

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2015 KAP Mapping Season in Midcoast Maine!

by ajawitz over 3 years ago | 2 | 2,966 | 2

This project is a continuation of work documented extensively in the research note entitled-[K...

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Grassroots Underwater Photography?!!

by ajawitz about 4 years ago | 11 | 4,478 | 1

I want to examine potential low-cost, underwater imaging techniques by adapting approaches origi...

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Phragmites Landfill Invasion

by nicholas about 4 years ago | 8 | 3,056 | 3


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KAP Test for Invasives Monitoring Project

by ajawitz about 4 years ago | 27 | 4,847 | 2

I want to successfully complete all steps of a grassroots mapping workflow in order to put tog...

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Mobilizing Data to Combat the Evil Green Crab

by ajawitz over 4 years ago | 17 | 1,849 | 1

I want to build diy/open source tools to assist research into impacts of invasive aquatic specie...

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