Your First Contribution on Public Lab

## Whoop! Whoop! Yay... 🎉 🎉 🎉 Thank you so much for your support and being part of our community! As a first time website contributor, your question is held in moderation. One of our moderators has to approve your contribution before it is public. Thanks for your patience with this "human loop"! --- ### What are the next steps? 1. ⏰ Your post will be [checked by a community moderator](/wiki/first-time-poster#Moderation). This should only take a day or so -- maybe less! 2. 💬 Then your post will be public and everyone can see and interact with it. 3. 🚀 Now you’ve made your first contribution to the Public Lab community! You can engage with people on your post and find additional ways to be involved. --- ### More ways to be a part of the community! * **[Join Open Call](/opencall)**: If you're interested in talking to others and brainstorming how to start a project or where to plug in on something ongoing, this is a great place to start. There is one every Tuesday at 3pm Eastern Time (see this meeting time in [your local timezone here]( * **[Answer or comment on a question](/questions)**: Share your experience or tips, or provide some encouraging words to other people who have asked questions. * **Make another post**: * [Post an Issue Brief](/issue-brief): Is there an environmental issue you and your group are already thinking about locally? Posting an Issue Brief is a good way to get started sharing and engaging others on that issue. * [Post a question](/questions/new): Already have something in mind you'd like to ask and explore with others? The Q&A is a great easy way to get started sharing. For more ideas on different ways to get involved with the Public Lab community, visit the [Contribute page](/wiki/contribute) 😃 ---- ### Ask for help in the Public Lab chatroom Community members and staff may be able to help you in real time. Open chatroom ...

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