The MACA Open Air Quality Monitor project (Monitor Abierto de Calidad del Aire in spanish) started a few years ago in Mendoza, Argentina to tackle some problems related to local air pollution monitoring (no public data, high costs of reference instruments, etc, etc) by developing an open, small and low cost air quality monitoring station.You can find more info in spanish about the MACA project in our [wiki]( # What are we doing? Our [first prototype]( was capable of measuring ozone and it worked ok as a proof of concept. Now we are working at [LabFD]( on the calibration of a second prototype that combines an optical particle detector and metal oxide gas sensors for CO, NO2 and O3 (MICS-e2v). It's a remix and adaptation of previous citizen air quality monitors (AQ Egg, Smartcitizen, Dustduino and Airbeam). It is based on an Arduino Mega 2560\. ### Second prototype This second version is still a work in process. We designed and assembled the first version and we are working on the calibration of the sensors. You can check the details of the prototype and the calibration data on: Read more: [notes:maca] **** ## Questions [questions:maca] ## Activities [activities:maca] ...

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