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Ag8n "The tungsten lamp remarks only apply to the 660 nm red lines. " | Read more » 8 days ago
Ag8n "Best bet- use an old fashioned tungsten lamp. Not a LED claiming to be a tungsten lamp. An LED has a narrow bandwidth. An old fashioned tungsten..." | Read more » 8 days ago
Ag8n "Looking into the 660 nm lines. It's not that LEDs don't exist for 425 nm region. They do. But the ones in the catalogs seemed expensive. Going ..." | Read more » 9 days ago
Ag8n "There are 3 in 1 flashlights ( blue, white, and red) that would be good for this application- as long as the color was more like purple instead of ..." | Read more » 14 days ago
Ag8n "If you are using the public lab spectrometer, a light source for around 400 nm is needed. It looks like there are some blue or violet led bulbs/ f..." | Read more » 14 days ago
Ag8n "A test of this method might be to use lawn clippings and run it through the procedure. The idea is to extract chlorophyll, which should be presen..." | Read more » 14 days ago
Ag8n "Another, more current option , is to use a coffee grinder. With the temperature issues this material shows, probably using the frozen state would ..." | Read more » 15 days ago
Ag8n "As for the mortar and pestle, there are many options. Some mortar and pestles are very expensive, but they don't have to be. They should be easy t..." | Read more » 15 days ago
Ag8n "Was checking one of the online vendors. Found new centrifuges for $70. Industrial quality centrifuge costs were much higher, but who knows. If y..." | Read more » 16 days ago
Ag8n "Ok. Trying to stay as close to duplicate the original paper as closely as possible. cera isn't in this area. But other closely related liche..." | Read more » 17 days ago
Ag8n "One word of warning. Solvents ( like acetone) and plastic cuvettes do not usually go together. The worst case is the plastic melts, but the plast..." | Read more » 20 days ago
Ag8n "Still have to do more work. But the acetone extract seems like something that might be doable in a home lab type situation. The acetone extract i..." | Read more » 21 days ago
fongvania "There's some work needed to modify this research protocol so it can be done in regions like Ohio that might not have the exact species listed in th..." | Read more » 22 days ago
fongvania "I don't know of a community science project using the pigment extraction method since there are some specialized steps and equipment, but we're cur..." | Read more » 22 days ago
Ag8n "I went to to see what's in the ohio area. Didn't seem like there was anything directly comparable to the lichens in the paper..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
Ag8n "Out of curiosity only. " | Read more » about 1 month ago
Ag8n "Ok, the parameters are listed. Is there an example of a study set up? " | Read more » about 1 month ago
Ag8n "Thank you. That's what I was after. Much appreciated!!! " | Read more » about 1 month ago
fongvania "I have access to the paper you're talking about--here is a snippet of the section you may be most interested in: Let me check if I'm allowed t..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
Ag8n "Working my way through the paper. One of the things the original talks about is " Extraction by immersion in DMSO" and "OD435/OD415 nm". This is ..." | Read more » about 1 month ago
fongvania "Thank you for reading! Let me know if there's anything I can help clarify " | Read more » about 1 month ago
Ag8n "Quite interesting. It will take several more readings before it's understood. " | Read more » about 1 month ago
bhamster "Thanks for this vital information @Ag8n! " | Read more » 5 months ago
Ag8n "The nir instruments are heavily used in agriculture. The company I worked for wanted to use Near Infra-Red (reflectance), also called NIRR, to dete..." | Read more » 5 months ago