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ecta64 "maybe a pulley setup like in this video might be useful too. About 25 min in. " | over 6 years ago
ecta64 "That's really curious. I have been debating about getting a 5kg scale cause my 250 gram and 1kg don't cover enough wind range now that I switched t..." | over 6 years ago
mathew "I really need a scale with longer travel! I was trying to use a basic 5000g scale I had sitting around (waaay too strong!) and couldn't really take..." | over 6 years ago
mathew "You're using this 250g scale right? I'm thinking about one of these: " | over 6 years ago
mathew "so cool! I have to try replicating this. Nice to know your results are comparable to the local weather station!!! That's great-- your DIY kite wa..." | over 6 years ago