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dwhite01 "The instructions for the Papercraft spectrometer Kit are terrible!!What part of the DVD are we supposed to use? by the way,a Dvd does not want to b..." | Read more » over 4 years ago
warren "Again, super write-up. Some thoughts that might be helpful: for cfl calibrations without moving the device -- what about putting a small mirror o..." | Read more » over 11 years ago
Jayesh "Hi Martin, Thanks for the description and tips. I will try to implement it and will tell you results :) " | Read more » over 11 years ago
mkoistinen "@Jayesh, Hi! Re: Tips on the spectrometer. Well, I basically just made it up as I went along, guided by the fine work by the fine folks at Public..." | Read more » over 11 years ago
Jayesh "Hi Martin, This is fantastic and encouraging. I am looking to build up the spectrometer like you made. Need some tips for the same. I want to get ..." | Read more » over 11 years ago
donblair "Martin -- this is truly fantastic! Truly a huge leap for DIY Spectroscopy. How often do you think you'll be able to take spectra of the same batc..." | Read more » over 11 years ago
Dplus "No I didn't make a "set" but I used the compare button of spectralworkbench I don't really care why the fake one is different , but I do know that..." | Read more » over 11 years ago
warren "Very cool. Have you tried making a "set" of your spectra to display them together? So your test demonstrates that they're different, and it can li..." | Read more » over 11 years ago