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Installing the water-level monitor

by cfastie about 1 month ago | 0 | 148 | 4

I did not think it would take this long to get the [water-level monitor](

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Log all the data with Adafruit's TPL5110 Low Power Timer

by cfastie 4 months ago | 2 | 459 | 1

Most of the data logging I did this summer and fall was to learn how to make a data logger operat...

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Longer Mini Pearl logging

by cfastie 4 months ago | 0 | 256 | 1

In mid October I started three [Mini Pearl Data Loggers](

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Yule logging

by cfastie 5 months ago | 9 | 306 | 3

I heat my house in Vermont with a woodstove. There is an oil furnace which I use on really cold d...

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Mini Pearl Logger longer

by cfastie 8 months ago | 0 | 207 | 1

I made some incremental progress getting the Mini Pearl Logger to log data for more than two week...

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Winds aloft: less noise

by cfastie 8 months ago | 7 | 303 | 1

My first results from a [Modern Device wind sensor](

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Winds aloft

by cfastie 9 months ago | 3 | 371 | 3

_Above: This seven foot Rokkaku kite lifted a two pound camera rig with EOS M and SkyPod data log...

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Mini Pearl Jam

by cfastie 10 months ago | 2 | 287 | 2

*Above: Some perfectly good resistors that I removed from some perfectly good PCBs in hopes of lo...

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First flight of the SkyPod

by cfastie 10 months ago | 3 | 275 | 2

_Above: The SkyPod mounted on a Saturn V Rig. The SkyPod includes a GPS module and antenna, Ardui...

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The Mini Pearl Logger

by cfastie 10 months ago | 3 | 416 | 3

This spring I did some tests with a [data logger based on an Arduino Nano](

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Monitor your data logger

by cfastie 12 months ago | 0 | 385 | 3

Above: An LCD module displays the data that are being periodically written to SD card. Some 3D...

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Data logger shield for Nano

by cfastie 12 months ago | 15 | 2,751 | 3

Above: The data logger shield (left) snaps onto an Arduino Nano (right). [Update: This dat...

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