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CCD Photodiode Array Spectrometer

by bhickman almost 4 years ago | 24 | 21,365 | 7

The goal was to make an affordable spectrometer with a resolution that is comparable to some low...

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Using the Spectroscope for Analysis of Concentration (Beer's Law)

by straylight over 4 years ago | 14 | 14,394 | 2

This research note is a walk through of how to use the PLOTS designed spectroscope and the spe...

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Does Coffee Obey Beer's Law? A Spectrometric Investigation

by akjeff91 over 4 years ago | 4 | 4,697 | 0

Our group constructed the desktop version of the SpectralWorkbench spectrometer: http://publiclab...

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Attempt at Quantitative Analysis for Desktop Spectrometer

by ben.alley43 over 4 years ago | 8 | 2,857 | 0

Motivation Quantitative analysis is a major application of UV-Visible spectrosc...

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