Camera Triggering

This page describes how to set up a camera to repeatedly/continuously take pictures during [balloon or kite mapping](/wiki/balloon-mapping). **Lead image by @mathew depicting the recommended method: [holding the shutter button down with a knotted string under rubber bands](**. For timing two cameras together, see [dual camera triggering](/wiki/dual-camera-trigger) ## How do you keep the camera continuously shooting photos during flight? Many cameras can be set in "**continuous shooting mode**", which generally allows you to hold down the trigger button to take many continuous photos. This means you can use the simple "Knot and rubber band" method, [listed below](#Activities). Note that continuous mode is different for each camera, and not all cameras have it. [Check the camera selection page](/wiki/camera-selection). We recommend Canon cameras for reliability; some cameras will shut off after a few minutes. See below for details. Taking lots of photos is generally easier than controlling when a photo is taken. Once you find a camera with continuous shot, test the battery to see how long it will shoot. Put in a memory card with 4gb+. Consider getting a second battery. Some cameras can be set programmatically, such as Canons using the [Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK)](, and CDHK can be triggered via the camera's [USB port](/wiki/dual-camera-trigger). Some Canons can also also be triggered by infrared remote control codes, useful for stereo or near infrared camera pairs, along with [Stereo DataMaker]( [Dave Mitchell wrote easy Javascript programs for installing CDHK and Stereo DataMaker](/notes/mathew/1-31-2013/programs-simple-chdk-and-stereo-datamaker-installation) [Cris Benton and others use motors to trigger cameras that can't be programmed]( A more drastic option is to hack a timer directly into the camera's shutter button circuit, [like this 555 timer]( **** ## Activities Although the ["knot and rubber band" technique]( is easiest, here is a collection of guides to different ways to trigger a camera. Add your own! [activities:camera-triggering] **** ## Timelapse Apps There are also many smartphone apps for taking timelapse (including [Sky Camera](, by Public Lab contributor @mercyorangi). Let's collect notes and guides on using these on a unique page, and using the #timelapse-apps tag: ...

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