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Yule logging

by cfastie 3 months ago | 9 | 249 | 3

I heat my house in Vermont with a woodstove. There is an oil furnace which I use on really cold d...

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Portable thermal IR temperature logger unit

by cfastie 9 months ago | 1 | 721 | 4

*Above: The infrared sensor on this data logger unit can read the temperature of an object withou...

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Dual NDVI Ultra Probe Unit

by cfastie 10 months ago | 7 | 488 | 4

*Above: The Dual NDVI Ultra Probe Unit is powered by a Nano Logger (enhanced by an array of beryl...

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Monitor your data logger

by cfastie 10 months ago | 0 | 344 | 3

Above: An LCD module displays the data that are being periodically written to SD card. Some 3D...

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