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Question:How do i overlay a north to south aerial image on a digital map?

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yuvalsh asked on January 06, 2018 13:16
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considering that the conventional map is always to the north?
Is there is anyway to do it?
this is the image -

in this location (Safed, Israel)

mapknitter mapping

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warren 15 days ago

Could you do this in Or do you mean the basemap would need to be rotated too?

yuvalsh 15 days ago

Yes, the main issue is the basemap rotation...

warren 15 days ago

That's a tough one -- I think you could look around on -- i'm sure it's been done -- and potentially modify Leaflet.DistortableImage with that code:

Sorry it's not easier but it's not part of the featureset for MapKnitter, but it seems possible with some customization!

yuvalsh 12 days ago

Hi, Thanks :-) I didn't find yet in leaflet's libraries but will keep looking there and in other places.

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