Question: What is the standard 1-wire bus connector?

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by yamadanao614 | July 24, 2017 09:00 | #14676

What is the normal connector that people put at the end of a long cable with a MAX31820 / DS18B20 (link deleted by admin) temperature sensor at the other end? What is the normal connector that people solder to the PCB when they intend such a cable to be plugged into that PCB?

I'm making a PCB that will go inside a small refrigerated box that (among other things) measures the temperature at various "interesting" locations inside that box and the ambient temperature outside the box, and drives a Peltier thermoelectric cooler (TEC) to keep that box at the desired setpoint temperature.

The MAX31820 / DS18B20 temperature sensor at each location are all wired in parallel in a 1-wire bus. There will be multiple sensors. (It's actually 3 wires :-).

My Google searches turn up several pages that seem to say "there is now a standard for connector pin-outs" for the 1-wire bus, but each site's explanation of "the" standard seems to contradict the other sites.


There could be innocent or devious motivations for you to paste, without attribution, this exact question from StackExchange which was asked and answered there almost three years ago.

If you can convince someone here that your motivations are not devious, you might get an answer.

Thanks, Chris

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Although this question was pasted verbatim from another site, a link was added to the text "DS18B20." This link was not in the original StackExchange post and appeared to be a link to an innocuous spec sheet on the DS18B20 sensor. But it seems obvious that this link was the motivation for posting this question. The link was to a pdf, which could potentially harbor harmful code, so I deleted the link. It might be more likely that the motivation was to game search by embedding links to a particular website, but either way deleting the link seemed like a good course of action. Moderating this user is probably also a good idea.

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