Question: Who controls our air quality ? How do they determine if it's bad ?

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by winter_sullen | May 06, 2021 15:12 | #26517

For example, our area has really bad air quality, who fixes it and how do they do it .


Have you looked at data from EPA's AMTIC (Ambient Monitoring Technology Air Monitoring Information Center)? I am assuming you are from the United States?

The EPA has a national ambient air quality network that monitors critical pollutants such as ground-level ozone and pm 2.5, for instance. They are sporadically located, but offer critical information to AQ researchers and the public.

Link to EPA map of AAQ monitors in the US:

AMTIC landing page: You might need to spend some time to delve into the program site page to find what you are looking for.

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@Kennicka_HaganKarr check out this response from sarasage to learn more about the US Environmental Protection Agency's air monitoring efforts.

One of the best ways you can can get more awareness around local air quality concerns where you are is to share the information you're learning with others in your community! The more people that know about the concern, you can discuss taking action collectively. Perhaps your classmates are interested in writing a letter of concern to a local representative in your local government (town, city, or state level)!

@amocorro my 10th grade Chemistry teachers are doing a similar assignment to mines. We are learning about air quality and how it can affect us and our world around us. What can we do to better our air quality and/or prevent it from getting worse ?

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@winter_sullen great question! What kind of mining are you learning about? This can really influence where you might dig deeper into learning about local air quality impacts.

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