Question: Need some help with photon entanglement

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by whiteice217 | August 07, 2018 18:27 | #16879

I want to do some experiments of my own with entangled photons. However I'm not at a university, nor do I have access to a multi-million dollar lab, and I don't work in a top secret government facility were I can do this. So my first task is to find a way to make my own entangled photons. Some research I've done shows that a beta-barium borate crystal has a structure that when photons enter may be converted down into two polarized photons. So am I wrong in saying its as simple as shining a laser through a crystal? I know then next task of measuring this is were it gets convoluted. But am I right is it really that simple?

Additional info:

Goal = My goal is to discover a way to harness entangled photons and use them in data communication.

Why am I interested = Because photons are cool and I want people to be like oh yea that guy Bryan made the space internet. Seriously though I want the world to be able to share data as if we were right next to one another. I want to get past the point of having physical tethering whether its radio frequency, cables, microwaves ect.

Resources I need = Well to be honest a lot. As the above mentioned I am way not qualified for this.


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