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Question:Question: "live" compare to camera feed

by wecapa | March 23, 2015 15:28 | #11717

Does the current version of the spectralworkbench allow comparison to the "live" camera feed? I click on "compare" from the live feed, but when I select a previously acquired spectra, it doesn't overlay the spectra with the live image.

My software interface looks very different from those on the tutorial videos.


Hi, -- we're hoping to revise the videos soon but the interfaces may change again soon as well, so we're holding off for a little bit. Making the videos is a bit time consuming!

I just confirmed that the compare-to-live feature is broken; do you use Github and would you be willing to post a bug report at https://github.com/publiclab/spectral-workbench/issues/new? That would be SUPER helpful. Thank you.

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Thanks. I just posted the issue on Github.

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